Pickle Juice Detox Benefits: Detoxification Using Pickle Juice Diet

Published September 26, 2010 by Nick

We have to cleanse our body by getting rid of the toxins that have slowly built up their way inside. It is a fact that toxins are ingested in our bodies regularly through the food that we take in. As much as we want it, they have began piling up inside which is the cause of most illnesses.

Detoxifying the body is accomplished by flushing toxins out with excessive urination. It can be valuable at rejuvenating the body and making it easier for the body to absorb beneficial nutrients.

There are a variety of natural recipes and tips for detoxifying and cleansing the total body.

Pickle juice is not at the top of the list. It is a very questionable method. There are claims that pickle juice benefits in treating gout by breaking up calcium deposits. Other claims say pickle juice helps arthritis and will remove THC from the body of marijuana users.

Pickle Juice Diet Benefits For Detoxification

Pickle juice is a known sports drink. It is effective in reducing athlete’s cramps in whatever sport. More and more sports players have been seen using pickle juice rather than the popular “ade” drinks: Gatorade and Powerade. It is also for the drinkers because it is known to be a great hangover reliever.

Recently, pickle juice has been recognized as a detox drink. It fills in to what the body has lost and what the body actually needs. There have been testimonies that pickle juice actually made them feel better, although the taste proves to be a challenge. Well, don’t mind the taste because it will make you become a whole lot better.

  • It is not advisable to drink as much pickle juice as you would need to adequately remove all the poisons and wastes from your system.
  • A pickle juice detox could be harmful to your system because it has a high salt content and vinegar is the main ingredient. Never initiate a detox program such as this without the advice of a doctor.
  • Patients with kidney or heart problems, especially, could really do themselves harm. A person with hypertension could sent their blood pressure through the roof with high quantity of salt and vinegar.
  • Natural drinks like green tea, cranberry juice, or lemon water can help to flush the system out regularly.
  • At least there is some antioxidant powers in the green tea and the urinary antiseptic property of the cranberry juice. These beverages certainly won’t hurt you in quantity.
  • Don’t take chances with any detox agents that contain harmful ingredients when taken in massive amounts. Take time to discuss the facts about detoxifying your body with a licensed professional.
  • It is not wise to try new trends without researching all you can about the process involved and how it could hurt you.

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