A Fine Time for Brine as Pickle Juice Shines at Kosherfest 2019

November 18, 2019

Secaucus NJ…By Sandy Eller…Inspiration can sometimes come from the strangest of places, according to Jay Churba of Get Pikl’ed, one of the surprise hits of Kosherfest 2019. Churba and his partner Mark Field were out drinking picklebacks, shots of whiskey with pickle juice chasers, when the bartender ran out of brine, sparking the idea of selling filtered dill pickle juice. Churba said that while he and Field toyed with the idea of launching their business, he spoke with Andrew Leibowitz, chief pickle maker at the iconic Guss’ Pickles, who has been to all 31 Kosherfest events.

“He said that when Steinbrenner had the Yankees, he would send a chauffeur over once a week to get 10 gallons of pickle juice to keep the boys hydrated,” said Churba. “When we heard that the proverbial light bulb went off over our heads and that was when we came up with the idea with packing the product for athletes. ”Packed with electrolytes, anti-oxidants and pro-biotics, pickle juice is a surprisingly healthy sports drink that, according to Churba, can reduce cramping, both before and after a workout. It is also believed to help regulate blood sugar levels and improve digestive health.

Although Churba and Field are both Floridians, their product has an all New York City vibe. Get Pikl’ed 3.4 ounce resealable pouches proudly feature Bronx water as its first ingredient and shows the Statue of Liberty silhouetted in front of the Manhattan skyline. An airplane flying overhead has, not surprisingly, a green pickle body and pickle slice wings.

Originally Published: https://www.koshertoday.com/a-fine-time-for-brine-as-pickle-juice-shines-at-kosherfest-2019/

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