10 Health Benefits of Pickle Juice

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At first, just the thought of consuming pickle juice can sound really gross, but there are plenty of reasons why you should consider it. Athletes have been known for consuming it for quite some time now. Yet, the experts did not know the reasons why the pickle juice is so good to be consumed after an exercise. They just knew that it probably helped in relieving any cramps.

Well, they were right! It appears that the pickle juice helps with the cramps in the muscles, among other things! Are you interested in finding how can the pickle juice help you? We were interested too, and it all paid out! Keep on reading and discover the secret health benefits of the pickle juice.

Health Benefits of Pickle Juice

1. It will soothe your muscle cramps – the dehydrated men can experience a relief in the muscles after a heavy workout in a faster way with the help of the pickle juice. All it takes to gain this advantage from the pickle juice is to consume just a third of a cup of it. The pickle juice is able to relieve cramps much more than drinking the same amount of water, and it was also helpful to drink it than drink nothing at all. There is a reason why this could be, and it is because the vinegar found in the pickle juice can help with the rapid relief of cramps. Also, the vinegar may also stop the nerve signals that make the muscles cramp in the first place.

2. It will help you remain hydrated – for almost all of the people, staying hydrated, especially right after a workout is very important. The water is practically all you need if you happen to be exercising moderately, from thirty minutes up to an hour. But, it is definitely not the same if you are exercising hard, or longer hours at a time, or in hot climates per say. In these cases, consuming something that contains potassium and sodium can help you get hydrated in a faster way. The sodium is considered to be an electrolyte that you lose in the process of sweating.

Another compound that is lost in this process is the potassium. The pickle juice contains a lot of sodium and a decent amount of potassium to. So, after a long and sweaty exercise, consuming some pickle juice in order to gain your strength a little bit is just what you should do. And if you are one of those people who are on a low sodium dieting plan, consult with your doctor prior to consuming the pickle juice.

3. A recovery aid that is fat free too – if you are trying to lose some weight, you are probably avoiding those sports drinks. It is still a good plan to drink something, especially if you are working out hard and your muscles need relief. So, the pickle juice will help! It contains no fat, and though it can have some calories, it would be 100 calories at most to a one cup serving. The amount of calories usually depends on what is in the pickling liquid.

4. It will go easy on your budget – if you are already a fan of pickles, you don’t even have to spend your money on sport drinks. But, even if you’re not a fan of pickles, you can still choose a cheaper alternative instead of the more expensive choices. You can buy the pickle juice sports drink too! And even though they cost a bit more than thhe lliquid from the pickle jar, you will know exactly what you’re getting in a serving by reading the label.

5. Filled with antioxidants – the pickle juice contains a significant amount of Vitamin E and well as Vitamin C of course, two very important antioxidants. They protect your body from the damage the free radicals can do. there is not a person that does not get exposed to the free radicals, so the antioxidants in a big amount will definitely help you a lot. These two vitamins can also boost your immune system and play other important roles in the body.

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6. It will support a healthy weight loss – the pickle juice is filled with vinegar, so consuming a bit of the vinegar can help you lose some weight. There was a study that showed after a period of 12 weeks of constant consumption of vinegar on a daily basis lost more fat and weight than those who haven’t consumed vinegar.

7. Control your blood sugar levels with it – there are amazing effects of consuming a small serving of vinegar right before a meal. The vinegar will aid in regulating your blood sugar levels, especially in people who have type 2 diabetes. This type of diabetes is associated with being obese or overweight. The optimal blood sugar levels will maintain your overall health. A lot of people already have a type 2 diabetes and don’t even know it. There are some serious damages that can be caused by the blood sugar evels if they’re not controlled, and some of them are heart damage, blindness and kidney damage.

8. Boosts the health of the gut – the vinegar which is present in the pickle juice can also help you stay healthy. The vinegar is a fermented food, and these foods are good for the digestive system. They are the ones that encourage the healthy balance of good bacteria as well as flora inside the gut.

9. The dill is super healthy! – if you want to get more health benefits, choose the dill pickle juice. The dill contains quercetin, which has properties of lowering the cholesterol levels. There was a study conducted on hamsters, and the dill lowered their cholesterol levels. It might have some similar effects on humans too. The dill has also many other medicial uses such as treating gas, stomach crampings, indigestion and other digestive ailments.

10. Creates a sweet breath – even if your lips pucker up a little when you drink it, the pickle juice will make up for a sweeter breath. The bacteria in your mouth is the cause of your bad breath. Thankfully, both the vinegar and the dill contain antibacterial properties, so remember that this combination can help you freshen your breath after drinking pickle juice.

So, instead of throwing away the liquid from that pickle jar, put it to some good use. You will even find yourself enjoying the salty flavor after a while. Things tend to taste differently after you’ve made it into a habit of consuming them. So, even if the pickle juice is not something that sounds very attractive to you, maybe it will be just the thing you need. Even if you are not fond of the taste, you can end up drinking it just for the benefits.

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